Pocket Change Account

Save money for a rainy day with Beehive's Pocket Change Account in a simple, effortless way. Pocket Change is a free special savings tool that will round your purchases up to the next dollar and place the difference into your Pocket Change Account. With the pocket change you collect and the dividends you'll earn on your Pocket Change Account, you'll be surprised how quickly the change can add up and grow for you.

Introductory rate of 3% APY* You'll be receiving the best rate Beehive currently offers on a savings account: an outstanding 3% APY! *Annual Percentage Yield

How Beehive's Pocket Change Account works:


Choose an account to draw from. You may choose to round up purchases from any of your Beehive checking accounts.


Select which transaction types to round up.


Spend and save! Every time you make a purchase using your selected account(s) and transaction type(s), Beehive will automatically round up your purchase total to the nearest dollar, setting aside the difference as "pocket change." At the end of each day the pocket change collected will be totaled and transferred to your Pocket Change Account.


Watch your pocket change grow. Check your statement to track your savings or use Beehive's WebBranch online banking to view your savings anytime. Dividends on the daily balance in your Pocket Change Account are paid quarterly. Should you decide to withdraw funds from your Pocket Change Account, you are allowed up to six withdrawals per month.


  1. Unlimited transfers and withdrawals in-person at a Beehive branch. Electronic transfers and withdrawals are limited to six per month and includes phone, WebBranch, and Touch Tone Teller transfers.
  2. If you do not have sufficient funds in the account you are drawing from or if any transaction has overdrawn the account, Beehive will not round up purchases posted on that day and will not transfer the pocket change.
  3. If a purchase that is part of your Pocket Change program is cancelled or reversed, the corresponding money transferred to your Pocket Change Account will remain. It will not be transferred back automatically, but you may do so manually.
  4. Funds may not be transferred into your Pocket Change Account.
Call 208-656-1000 to open a Pocket Change Account today!

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