Beehive can wire money to almost any domestic or international location for a very nominal fee. The deadline for sending domestic outgoing wires is 2:00p.m. and for outgoing international wires is 1:00p.m. For questions about wiring funds you may contact us at 208-656-1000.

Beehive does not charge a fee to receive wires from other financial institutions, though the sending institution may charge a fee.


Domestic Wire Instructions

If you wire funds to Beehive from a domestic or international location, the sending institution will need the following:

  • Wire to: Catalyst Corp FCU
  • ABA/Routing #: 311990511
  • Credit to: Beehive Federal Credit Union
  • Account #: 324173817
  • Final Credit: [insert the name of the member receiving funds]
  • Recipient’s Account #: [insert the account number to which the funds will be wired]

International Wire Instructions

You can click here for international wire instructions.


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