RV, Boat, & Piano Loans

RV & Boat Loans

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Wishing for a less expensive family vacation? Create your own vacation by purchasing an RV to tour the country or a boat to hit the water. Beehive offers low rate loans for both of these items plus fast approval and no fees for loan origination.*


Piano Loans

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Looking to purchase a piano but short on cash? Come to Beehive for a piano loan. We offer low rates, fast approval, no fees for loan origination, no payment for up to 90 days, upon approval.*



Loan Benefits:

  • Fast approval
  • No fees for loan origination
  • Low rates
  • 100% financing

*Your interest rate will depend, in part, on your credit score and the term of the loan. Higher credit scores and shorter terms will lower your interest rate.

Call 208-656-1000 to apply for a loan or to skip a payment.


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